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After my other computer crashed my btoehr located a Sony Vaio for me to try with Windows 7. I was told that it's running on a new install. I do not use a password to access it. I just open the lid and turn it on. There is a balloon message by the clock that says "consider changing your password. Your password will expire in 1 day." So does this mean I will be locked out of this computer in 1 day?

When I look at the file folder area, I see the folder that reads "Owner" has a pad lock sign over it. But I have been accessing the ownder side of the computer and putting files there, adding new software etc without a password of any kind.

What should I do?

Thank you
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  1. Where did you "locate" this laptop? Was it used previously, if so by whom?
  2. Bought it from a store that sells used computers. I have no disks, just the laptop.
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