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I'm on a tight budget of around $800 and I'm trying to decide between combo's of cpu's/mobo's. Should I choose the option of saving $150 and just getting an i5-3450 and a b75m mobo or should I instead get a 3570k, the cpu cooler i'm assuming i'll need for it, and a z77 board for an extra $150 and the ability to OC?

I have no experience OC'ing. I know most will say it's not hard, so I'm not exactly worried about that - it's the price I have in mind. I'm spending a lot of money for a 7870 gpu and I won't be doing anything extraordinary on my pc, just gaming and regular things. I want the computer to last a few years.

Should I spend the extra money to OC or is it not that big of a deal for just gaming? Should I get a 3570k while sticking with the b75m mobo or would it be dumb to not just get a z77 board as well?

Thanks for any answers.
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  1. Save your money and go with the 3450 + B75 or go all the way with the 3570K + Z77.
    With HD7870 you will be fine with the 3450 for a while.
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