"No input signal" when i plug my new build into my monitor

So 4 days ago i started working on my first build just without the Hard Drive. I double checked if everything was together or not and it looked like it was ready to go. I knew that i just wanted to see the " insert Disc " or at least some thing and there was this constant "no input signal".

how do i solve this problem because I've read on forums that you should be able to have one even if you don't have a hard drive. I'm also concerned if i may have discharged some electricity into the motherboard, but it powered up, the cpu fan is spinning, and there's no beeping for an error.

i am new to this building stuff so please take it easy on me, Thanks in advance.
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  1. Did you install the motherboard with the brass standoffs? I made this mistake and my new build said no signal after everything turned on (all fans etc).

    Also, check the CPU socket for bent pins, if even 1 pin is bent, most likely it won't work at all. Also, the CPU itself, make sure it looks normal on the bottom where the pins are.
  2. i dont even know what brass strandoffs are and also i SLOWLY put everything together so i know for a fact i didnt bend any screws.
  3. okay yeah yeah yeah i know what they are. but what do i use them for ?
  4. If you installed the motherboard properly, the brass standoffs are the things that connect it to the case. Most motherboards should only ever need 5-6 of them.

    It's possible that the display is still running through the motherboard's video port. You have tried plugging the monitor into there?
  5. there is no on board video . i have my graphics card that my cousin gave me and i cant even tell what type it is. in fact my mother board is an Asrock extreme3 970 and when i tried to put the brass standoffs its came to short to screw it in so my computer is laying side ways lol idk where to buy proper ones.

    im so scared that something bad has happened I've put 4 months of cutting grass to purchase everything. and stuffs already going wrong.

    i have the graphics card inserted properly cause the fan is spinning. i plugged in the VGA correctly and it still gives me the sad no input signal when turned on.
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