Power supplies repeatedly failing

My systems psu have been repeatedly failing. I've a 9 yr old p4 which I didn't replace since I dont do much intensive computing. The electrician says that my house's old wiring might be damaging it
. My 15 year old tv has gone bad too recently though the lights and fans run fine for a long time. I have the same psu for the past 3 years.

The problems starts by bios taking longer to boot and not detecting drives and ends with the system being unable to boot and is completely colonel after replacing psu. I've got the computer checked and cleaned at a shop too. I used to clean the mono with a cloth occasionally so that could have damaged something. I'm thinking of getting a new system and power protection but I don't wanta a new one to be damaged.
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  1. Well it can just as well be the motherboard killing the PSU's especially if they are not quality.
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