Baked Nvidia 7800GTX video card

Does anyone know what Nvidia makes which is compareable to the GTX 7800 and is a bit better. Do not want it to good it may bake the power source.

Can anyone hep
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  1. If you list your full specs, we can be of more help.

    Something like a 5770/6770 can run on most power supplies.

    The new 7770 is just great for its power use(lower then the 5770 and faster).
  2. Nvidia GTX7800... PCI EXPRESS, Memory 512, Interface 256, Band width 54.4 GB/Sec, RAM 400, power consumption is close to 350 watts
  3. You need to list the components in your computer not the spec's of the video card. PSU , cpu , ram , hdd and motherboard.
  4. Ok...i willl...not at home right now....i will post them in a about 4 hours...
  5. Ok. Here. Is what i found....XPS 600 955 extreme edtion Presler dial core at
    3.46 GHz, 650 watt power source, 8 GB Ram, DVD player and DVD Burner Internal, Twin 500GB hard drives, Windows 7 Ultimate, with Office 2007 Full Edtion, 3 external DVD burners, Floppy, Creative XFI sound card, Twin 24 Monitors, Twin Nvidia 7800GTX graphics (one is cooked), 2TB external Hard drive..what would you electronic gurus recommend for a new set of.graphic cards....thanks

    You could get a pair of these and it would cost about $200 for the two and you could run them on the 650w psu that you have.
  7. inzone said:

    You could get a pair of these and it would cost about $200 for the two and you could run them on the 650w psu that you have.

    I'm not sure those cards work in crossfire. I don't see a spot for the crossfire bridge in the pictures. Unless i'm mistaken about how crossfire works. I've never used more than one card before.
  8. Ah never mind i see the crossfire spot has changed from what i am used to
  9. If sticking with a lower price point I'd go with just a single more powerful card instead of 2 cheaper cards !
  10. iknowhowtofixit said:
    You might want to verify that motherboard is crossfire capable before recommending dual AMD video cards. This IS a 6 year old computer we are talking about....

    Adam, if you want to reduce power consumption, I would recommend ordering an HD7850 or HD7870 on Monday. That way, when you upgrade in the next year or so as parts in that old machine start to die, you can transfer the HD78XX to your new machine and purchase a 2nd to put in crossfire.

    Well he currently is using 2 Nvidia 7800's so chances are it supports it !! (EDIT : though you're right it might only support SLI and not Xfire !)

    Twin Nvidia 7800GTX graphics (one is cooked)
  11. iknowhowtofixit said:
    You used to have to get the mobo that matched your GPU setup for 2+ cards in 1 rig.

    Yeah I remembered just after posting so added an EDIT !! (it's been awhiule so had forgotten)
  12. Alright all for you very useful input....awesome! That is exactly my plan....this unit is gettng tired and it is time for a new one card is the answer for now ....HD7850 or HD7870, then double up on the new tower with the card i get now....thanks for alll the help...cheers
  13. Well after some research i found a surplus computer outfiy in Grand Prairie Texas and I am having thr rxact match of cards thanks. Solved
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