AMD FX-8120 Fast at first, now performance issues, any ideas?

Hi All - does anyone know of any issues with the FX-8120 cpu? We built a system with a GA-970A-UD3, 32gb of Crucial ram, 1tb Seagate Barracuda SATA-600, Cooler Master 550w, XFX 6670 2gb video. System ran great for 2 weeks, amazingly fast, fast boot times, AutoCAD & Outlook ran fast, etc. Customer returned complaining that it went from fastest computer ever to slower than dual core systems. We've swapped power, memory, cpu, motherboard, hard drive (brands & models changed of each) and basically if we swap out to a FX-6100 them system runs great again. (we're basically looking at boot times, and AutoCAD startup and performance and Outlook performance). Everytime we go back to a 8120 system runs bad again. Temps, Voltages all look good running bios defaults & 1333mhz ram. Latest (and not latest) bios for board, all windows updates, malware/virus/rootkit free. Know there were some hotfixes for Win7 64bit, are there other unofficial hotfixes or anyone have any ideas why 8120 on a 970A chipset runs so bad?
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  1. Latest GPU drivers? Try the hotfixes. They do help.
  2. Is it Windows 64bit or 32bit?
  3. Do you see all cores in the resource monitor? And while AutoCad loads do they work? Anything in EventViewer that points to the problem? Try or any other tool to monitor the core frequency.
  4. Does it run slow everytime you go back to a (as in any) 8120 or the same (as in the one shipped with the system) 8120?

    You tried different boards, right? Also tried different chipsets?

    Tried an 8150?
  5. If your temps are ok, try disabling cool 'n' quiet in the BIOS, or anything else that will throttle down the CPU under certain conditions.
  6. Hi all, we found it was a defective CPU, changing for another 8120 fixed all the problems. Guess a couple of the cores went bad. It's so rare for CPUs to go bad, I didn't want to believe it!
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