Buying a new power supply and graphics card

im trying to upgrade to play guild wars and maybe other things but anyways i have a "HP pavilion p6000 series model no. is p6653w and i found


will these work in my pc? i dunno what crossfire or sli is and dunno if my pc has to be comtaible to run a power supply that is ready for those or not im new to this soo yeah plz anyone who could help ^^
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    These would work much better :)

    1) NO need to get a 750w PSU...and RAIDMAX is just a horrible manufacturer, you can't really trust them -knows from experience- Get something from a quality brand from Corsair and you'll be fine.

    2) That GPU is very weak, something like the HD7750 I linked should let you play at reasonable settings :)
  2. e you sure that graphics card would work? it says for guild wars i need some kind of shader and that graphics card doesnt have it in those specs

    also 430w is really low isent it would that even handle my pc and that graphics card?
  3. not to sound like im questioning your smarts lol or anything and i know i asked but just before i go buy some thing i wanna make sure its all compatible and will play guild wars 2 on high settings or at least medium
  4. No worries, questions are always welcomed :)

    430w is PLENTY for your computer :) Here are my reasons why -

    1) Your motherboard can only support CPU's that have a max TDP of 95w; Power consumption so far - 100w MAX

    2) Other components in your system won't use much power, maybe around 50w, give or take. Consumption so far - 150w MAX.

    3) Radeon HD7750 only uses around 70w. Consumption so far - 220w.

    You can see that components don't eat a lot of power :) It's recommended to keep your load power usage at around 50% of what the PSU can deliver. 220w = around 50% of the CX430V2's max power output, giving you optimal efficiency.

    Also, you shouldn't worry about shaders and what not, that confuses more people than it does help them. There's a great Guild Wars 2 GPU performance list on this website!,3268.html

    More importantly, what is your screen resolution? Depending on this, we may need to get a better GPU.
  5. Right click on your desktop (if you're on Win7 or Vista) and click "Screen Resolution"

    WinXP - Start->Control Panel -> Display
  6. well i looked up that graphics card and i have found where it says i need 400w or greater recommended for that so thats why i was a little worried two i dunno what my screen res is can you explain how to check that?
  7. says resolution: 1440 x 900 (recommended)

    also this is the website i read i should have 400w+ for this
  8. Neilman180 said:
    says resolution: 1440 x 900 (recommended)

    also this is the website i read i should have 400w+ for this

    Those PSU requirements usually over-state the needed wattage. It is recommended 400w for your ENTIRE system, not the card itself.

    As I've said previously, the HD7750 uses around 70-80 watts at full load, so you have nothing to worry about.,3135-14.html

    Also, for your screen resolution, I would recommend this -

    I'm sure the HD7750 will do fine, however :)
  9. well at this moment my pc has 250w lolz so i need better umm what kind of problem would i see concerning my screen res with that cheaper graphics card you said first i should get? i mean i hate to spend more money than what i need but at the same time running world of warcraft on lowest settings to play smooth is getting old lol and i wann play gw2 now soo yeah
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