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Can anyone tell me if I could use an intel SE7320 VP2 server MoBo in a full tower desktop case and use as a home built system
I can pick one up with 2 Xeon 3.6 CPUs, and 1 stick of 1 Gig ram. I know the on board video having 8MB of SDRAM is very meager but it appears like it has a PCi E x16 slot I should be able use for a video card. 2 HDDs are plenty for my uses and if I can add a DVD /ROM drive and connect to the internet I will be very happy. I use my home PC mostly for watching movies online or reading with kindle for PC. I have Win XP Professional on my HDDS. It appears to me like I could do all the above with this server board, but never having worked with a server board before I am sure of what unforeseen problems may lurk, and I am not even sure it would fit in my case. Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated
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  1. may I ask why you need a server board at home? That's quite unnecessary. Furthermore thats a legacy board. I'd steer clear.
  2. Stay away from this board for home use! It doesn't have a PCI-E slot, it has a slot for a riser card (that then has a PCI-E slot) but that can not be installed in normal cases. Beside that it's not an ATX size so it will not fit in a normal case anyway. And you need a special power supply and drivers are only supported for windows server and the RAM is ECC and and...
  3. In simple terms,big no no.
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