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Q8300 cpu in dell optiplex 745

Will a q8300 quad core processor from intel work in my dell optiplex 745 desktop btx motherboard. The bracket is the same lga775. Please comment if you know. by the way i want a computer for gaming so this is why im choosing a quad core if not any suggestions would be appreciated
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  1. You'd have to get a new GPU and PSU to game as well.
  2. I'm not sure if it's work. Don't know much about the Core 2-series.
  3. im aware, but will it work cause i already have a power supply in mind, and also bought a low profile video card
  4. if not what quad core processors could i put in my dell?
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    LGA 775 only supports up to the Core 2 Quad CPU's.
  6. k thanks
  7. But it depends on the mobo too. Make sure it supports the Q8300.
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  9. samander95 said:
    if not what quad core processors could i put in my dell?

    I had a Dell Optiplex 745 for a awhile
    the ONLY Core2 Quad that will work is a Q6600 2.4ghz 1066mhz FSB
    no other C2Q will work
    I have a Youtube channel "Gaming on a Budget" where I talk alot about the Optiplex 745
    BTW I am work as a PC Tech

    my YT channel
    8800 views and 10 subscribers
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