Screw broken in DVD drive

Hey all,

I'm putting together my first build right now. I've attached 7 of the 8 screws to mount the DVD drive into my case. As I was screwing in the 8th, the head of the screw suddenly broke off. The screw itself is fairly deep in and can't be removed. (It's about as deep as it would be had I managed to finish screwing it in.)

Will this cause problems? Can I just ignore the broken screw and keep the DVD drive in there?

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  1. As long as it was a screw was meant for the drive, and thus not so long as contact internal moving parts, you will be fine.

    8 screws is a lot. I never use more than 4. Maybe I'm just lazy.
  2. Thanks! It was meant for the optical drive, so I'm fine. I thought eight was too much but seeing as how this is my first build, I decided to go with it.

    I appreciate your help! :-D
  3. the olny issue you have is if the drive is bad or goes bad is removing the screw to pull the drive out. the easy fix is go to an auto parts store and pick up a tap set. just put a napkin or paper under the cd-rom to catch the metal shavings. tap the screw and pull it out.
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