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I7 3770k good for video editing?

In a rush here so I'll get straight to the point:

I'm helping my friend build a Hackintosh, he's in the video editing business, and would like something that would speed up his video rendering and what not, would the i7 3770k be a good option?

Also, he will be paring up the i7 with an EVGA GTX 660ti 2GB. (Maybe a 560 ti)
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    Yes, the 3770k is a great option :) However, if your friend uses Adobe programs, has he considered CUDA acceleration?
  2. Sweet, I'll let him know!

    Also, doesn't the 660ti offer CUDA acceleration?
  3. Yes, it does offer CUDA acceleration! :)
  4. Sweet, were getting the parts this Sunday for the Hackintosh, hopefully its everything he wanted.
  5. I wish you guys good luck! :) Hopefully he won't be disappointed!
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