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I have recently built a pc and I have now installed a second graphics card to run in crossfire mode. I have installed it and enabled it in AMD vision centre but when I try to play a game i.e Crysis on high settings and it is all over the place. I ran 3D mark 06 and I am now getting a lower score than when I was running just 1 graphics card. I am running it through vga into a 50 inch Plasma, is this the problem?

Here is my build.
Asus M5A97Pro Motherboard.
AMD FX 6-Core Black edition processor
2 x ASUS AMD 6850 Graphics card
120gb SSD
1 TB Harddrive
Windows 64bit Home premium
16gb ram

Any help would be much appreciated!

I haven't got a clue to be honest lol My mate built the pc for me but it doesn't run games too clever :-(

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  1. I had the same issue when I got my second 6950. I chalked it up to having to lower my OC lower on the master card (I went from 880 to 820 to keep it stable) also one of the main benchmarks I run was not configured to utilize my 2nd card. My WEI dropped from 7.9 to 7.8 in both graphics departments....

    I got no help from these forums when I came on here, and I spent hours trying to get it right. I finally got it to the point where I thought my second GPU was actually being used....
  2. So did you get it sorted in the end, all working now?

    I have never touched the OC so not quite sure how to do that. It just seems like the second graphics card is sitting there doing nothing, well actually making the pc run worse :-(

    Think I may just take it in to Novatech and ask them to sort it out for me.
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