Installed a brand new ATI 6870, now crashes

Hey guys, sometimes when i start up my computer and use it for awhile, it will then have lines on the screen then crash, is there anyway to fix this? Or is this a faulty graphics card?

*Update* This was when i was just browsing around tumbler or something, so no overheating or anything.
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  1. the old card is good and work if you have the lates driver then the card is defective rma
  2. How's your power supply? And yes, are your drivers up to date?
  3. My power supply is 600watt corsair - top notch quality, ill update drivers right now
  4. Apparently my graphics card came in faulty, tested with two computers with a 600watt corsair PSU, and it still crashes. Going to RMA it right away.
  5. Good stuff. Let us know how it goes.
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