Graphics card fans not starting (Gigabyte HD6850/WINDFORCE)

TL;DR version: The fans on my new Gigabyte HD6850 (specifically, the variant with "WINDFORCE TM" fans) never start.

Since the purchase 3 weeks ago, I've only had time to play one fairly old game, which hasn't exactly stressed the system. After prolonged play, it appeared to lag a bit but I dismissed it as some peculiarity of my old system.

Since a few days however the game starts massively lagging within 5 minutes of starting it. Checking GPU temp gave me a shock: 103 deg Celcius. Not good.

The fans were according to ATI control panel running, but when I opened to box today while running the computer I could specifically see the fans are never moving at all...

My question is: What could cause the fans to refuse to start? System power undersupply? I doubt it's that however. Do you have any other ideas (aside from broken purchase?
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  1. Do you have the PCIe power cable hooked into the card?
  2. Yes. Also, I don't think the card would run otherwise. :) To elaborate, card works fine except it's overheating because the fans aren't moving at all.
  3. I have the same problem but I can start my card by manually spinning the fan....
  4. For real? O_o
  5. Yup
  6. I'll try putting into a more powerful computer, (power supply-wise) if it doesn't work after that I'll simply return it...
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