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I have had a few blue screen crashes now (typically when system is idle)... I've finally figured out how to read my minidump files, and it turns out all my crashes are caused by a module called "atikmpag.sys", which is descripbed as the AMD multi-vendor miniport driver.

so my question is, has anyone else had similar problems with the 79** series drivers? and what is the multi-vendor miniport driver? is it for mini-displayport? and does that mean if i'm not using mini displayports I can disable it somehow and avoid the crashes?

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    Seems to be a ati/amd - wide problem.Confusing the heck out of everyone. People telling me to try a new psu/try it in another comp, take out the card, stick it over there, do this with it, do that with , etc.The driver has screwed something up.
  2. thanks, good to know. guess I'll just wait. I like the card when it's working so I don't think I'm gonna go through the trouble of switching
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