Running 3 screens!!! HELP

Hi Guys,

New to the forum so hoping I am posting this in the right section but I need some's help with this problem I have.

Currently I am running 2 monitors off my Hard Drive one through DVI to my 24" screen and the other through VGA to my 20" screen.

I have recently purchased a LED 42" TV and it's HDMI compatible, my Hard Drive does have a HDMI slot at the back.

If I get myself a HDMI cable and run it to the TV will my computer recognize a 3rd screen?

Advise is muchly appreciated

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  1. Generally you cannot run 3 screens while using VGA, but without knowing your exact setup (what graphics card you have etc..) it's hard to tell
  2. generally you can't run more than 3 monitors off one card period. Only AMD cards allow this and only with display port monitors (or active display port adapters). So which GPU do you have? If you have both onboard and discrete graphics it may be possible to run them both at the same time to drive 3 monitors.

    FYI your harddrive is the thing inside with the data on it(and def doesn't have HDMI), the thing with the HDMI is your GPU ( or motherboard if you have onboard graphics) , and the computer would be the whole box.
  3. lol harddrive
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