Troubleshooting some problems with my computer.

Mobo: Alienware J560M
GPU: GTX 460 dual SLI
CPU: i7-990x
RAM: 12GB DDR3 1600MHz

So, I recently RMA'ed one of my graphics cards and while it was being processed, my "SOMETHING" failed and my computer would turn on but give 6 post beeps and no display. I googled and figured that my motherboard had died so I bought a new one.

The new one just arrived yesterday and I put it into my system but now, nothing shows up on display and there are no post beeps.

I've already swapped two different video cards, taken out the RAM and cleared CMOS.

What I haven't done is reseat CPU (I doubt this is the issue since POST isn't coming up.)

Is this "new" motherboard I got DOA?
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    Two things to check...the FIRST one IS your cpu...yes...RESEAT it...make sure it's installed correctly "alignment" or "orientation" and make sure there's no foreign object in the socket.

    The Second item is your PSU...the psu could've taken a powder as well...when the GPU went it could've smacked the pci-e lane or bus path to the beep...almost sounds like the CPU may have taken a hit and has died.

    Usually if it's the get a momentary on...and then it shuts right back down...however all kinds of weird things can happen...the no POST...Power On Self Test and NO's not even beginning the POST.

    Finally THIS

    All that should help you narrow down what is going on.

    If you don't have can perform what tests you can and if no will have to seek help from a computer repair shop or someone with a voltmeter and an alternate psu or monitor.
  2. I had similar issue and - i changed PSU, and waiting for new Mo-Bo to arrive
    If no lights - nothing is turning on, check ur PSU - make sure its working ! u can check with a Multi-meter - or if u dont have one - try jump starting the PSU see if PSU is working. ( )

    Remove battery and wait for a minute or two.
    Unplug any unwanted hardware - like Extra drives, DVD, take out one GPU ( if u have multiple ) and remove some RAM.
    Also can try just plugging the 8 pin and 24 pin to Mo-Bo and unplug everything else.

    Think u might have already tried a few of above

    PSU TEST :
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