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I just bought the components for a new computer and put it together on Tuesday. I tried playing Guild Wars 2 on it Wednesday night, but I started having problems, and they have persisted. While playing, the game will freeze and cause my computer to freeze as well. The sound still works though for the most part. I can still hear all the things that are going on and I can hear my friends talking, but it has freezes in it as well.
My build is:
i5 3570k
EVGA GeForce GTX 660 ti
ASRock Z77 Extreme 4
Crucial Ballistics 8gb RAM (2x4)
Samsung Spinpoint 1Tb Hardrive
Cooler Master 500W ATX12V PSU
I have speedfan running to check my GPU's temp, and it is usually between 42C and 48C, so I don't think it is an overheating problem, but I have no idea what could be causing this. The weird thing is that it let me play Guild Wars for about twelve hours yesterday without any problems, but I can't do anything game related on it today without it freezing up. Also, I've tried Alt+Tab and Ctrl+Alt+Del to get out, but nothing works. Does anyone have any suggestions on what it could be or what I could do?
Oh, I updated my graphics card drivers to the new one, but it started crashing, so I switched to the previous driver, and it still did it. I also read someone say that maybe their card wasn't getting enough power, so they underclocked it. I downloaded MSI Afterburner and underclocked the Core and Memory by about 150, but that didn't really help. The computer has froze outside of games once.
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  1. First try cleaning your system of resource wasting junk and registry errors with CCleaner. Do the Clean and Registry both. You may have to run it more than once if you installed/uninstalled numerous pgms recently.

    Then Uninstall the graphics driver again, and run Driver sweeper from safe mode. Have it remove any remnants of Nvidia (and AMD) graphic drivers it finds. Re boot and install the latest graphic driver for your card and O/S.

    You shouldn't need to underclock anything on your system. And your PSU should be fine.
  2. Someone else just recently came here with a very similar problem with very different hardware.

    I am starting to think it is the game and not the computer.

    - Edit - Someone on the GW2 forums said they turned off TurboBoost and they stopped crashing.
  3. No, it was my graphics card. I sent mine back and got another one and I haven't had any problems since then.
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