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So Intel just recently released their Ivy Bridge i3/Pentium line-up. I actually have close to no experience with the Pentium or Celeron line-ups, but now that I see there are Sandy Bridge dual-cores on Newegg for only $60, they have me intrigued.

While I tend to follow the higher-end components more, this release got me thinking about how a Sandy/Ivy Pentium/Celeron would do in gaming. I could barely find any reviews or benchmarks, so I've decided to ask you guys.

On paper, these don't sound too shabby. 2 cores/threads is plenty for most games, and at around 2.5-3.1GHz on Sandy or Ivy Bridge architecture, that's pretty darn fast.

So, from experience or otherwise, how do you guys think these $60 Sandy dual-cores would match up against a $100 AMD or i3? Are they worth consideration when building a low-cost rig or general use PC? Why or why not?
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  1. well im using a sandybridge g620 which along with a GTX550ti and 8gb of corsair xms3 ddr3 ram (1333mhz) i get pretty good frame rates/gaming performance across all the latest titles ... this includes crysis 2,battlefield 3 and metro 2033.
    im not in a situation were i can use premium hardware such as core i7,s and GTX690,s.. however in my opinion theres no need if your running games on a 22" monitor ....
    to this day most games only require and use 2 cores .... and even lower cpu clock speed such as the 2.6ghz on my g620 dont seem to be a problem
    the only downside is the sandybridge and ivybridge pentiums dont like being overclocked... you can get a extra 100mhz out of them by simply raising the blk but its not worth it in my opinion
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