Recieving 2 short and 8 long beeps after installing new CPU

Hello, I believe that I'm in a rather bad situation here. Just today I've installed a brand new AMD Phenom II 965 X4 BE and successfully got it to work stable for a couple of hours (OCed at 3.8Ghz) with my old ASUS M4A785T-M/CSM until i powered off the machine, and then turned it back on. The computer doesn't POST, but instead gives me 2 short and 8 long beeps and then reboots to restart the process. I have a friend that believes that the problem could either be my motherboard being borked or my PSU not delivering enough power my system, I sure hope neither those are the case here. I don't have much knowledge on computers as far as hardware goes so please excuse my noobish and foolish questions here. But anyway, any input on what you people may think could be my problem will be greatly appreciated.

Here's my specs BTW:

Mobo: ASUS M4A785T-M/CSM
CPU: AMD Phenom II 965 X4 BE (cooler: Coolermaster V8)
GPU: N/A (currently using onboard)
PSU: Antec 500W 80plus bronze certified
RAM: GSkill DDR3 1600mhz 2GBx2
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

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  1. your psu complete fine (500w) except it broken...

    It had symptom of failure of O.C.

    try just reset CMOS (set bios to default) by removing the CMOS bat for 5 min with power unplugged (monitor, cpu, speaker, etc) and install it again...
  2. ^+1 clear cmos .. try in default still happend ???
    how do you overclock, the software or the bios? to raise the FSB or Multi? overclock RAM too ?
  3. Yeah this definitely was a bad overclock, thanks you two for your responses. Reseating the CMOS fixed the beeping and the computer was finally able to POST. I guess that next time that I attempt such an overclock, I'll get somebody to help me I know that's experienced and patient with this kind of stuff.
  4. Glad to hear it's all works out fine.
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