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AMD FX-4170 95W TDP version

Hello all this is my first post in this forms, i just purchased a AMD FX-4170 and the info from the retailer says its a 95W TDP processor. All the info i have found says that it should be a 125W TDP, so ill add the info here :

Mfr Part Number: FX-4170
Process Type: AMD FX Quad-Core Processor 4170
Frequency: 4200 MHz
L3 Cache: 8 GB
Process: 32 nm
Socket: Socket AM3+
Power Consumption: 95 W

So my question is : is this really a 95W processor and if so why can i not find it anywhere on amd's website?
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    The retailer probably got it confused with the FX 4100, which is a 95 Watt part. The 4170 is 125 Watts. The 4170 is an overclocked 4100, naturally higher clockspeeds equal more heat and more power consumption, hence the higher TDP on the 4170. There is no such thing as a 95 Watt FX 4170.
  2. Ok thank you considering i got it for 12.95 i can afford to get a new mainboard to support the 125W TDP
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