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Help setting up new PC with ASUS Maximus Extreme-Z

Last response: in Systems
May 19, 2012 8:40:44 PM

I want to build a superior PC and very much appreciate any help. I do enjoy light gaming, movies but mostly business related functions, graphics, photoshop, web design. I want to use dual monitors (which I already have along with case) and I will sometimes have 20 to 30 things running simultaneously (20 browsers, PS, skype, front page, etc). I also want to have some fun with OCing but nothing extreme.
I got a great deal on the ASUS Maximus Extreme-Z (190 new) so I am starting there. I realize this is an OC gaming board but couldn't pass on the deal I got. I am all about speed, speed speed!!
My budget will be 800-1000 for the rest.
I guess the fastest processor this board supports would be the I7 2700K which I was thinking of going with (300) leaving about 700 or less to go.
I wanted to max out on RAM if I could (32) and
have dual monitors going and want HD, 3d support.
I appreciate any suggestions on what brands and set up for:
processor (is 2700k best?)
video set up
ram set up
water or fan cooling (will do light OC)
power supply
blue ray burner
any other goodies that would improve things
I appreciate any help
May 20, 2012 4:00:45 AM

Your two most important spendatures left will be your PSU, don't go cheap there, quality is important, and your graphics card.
Also, if you have BIOS revision 3203 (or flash to it), your motherboard will support Ivy Bridge Processors. The i7 3770k for $30 more than the 2700k has a better graphics processor.
Air cooling will be most economical, something like the CoolerMaster Hyper212 (plus or EVO) would work fine.
I would do the build with 16GB of ram (2x8GB) and look to add more later if you feel it's needed (I don't think so). Low profile ram would be a good choice if doing air cooling.
I'd suggest a 650W PSU minimum (750-800+ if you want to SLI/X-Fire graphics cards later) from a reputable company such as Corsair, Seasonic, XFX, OCZ, etc... Do read reviews (reviews on NewEgg/TigerDirect don't count) about your PSU choice though as even the best come up with duds sometimes.
May 20, 2012 4:37:19 AM

if i was building the system for work and having more then one window open. i drop down to an i-5 ib. there no real biz program that going to kill a 4 core ib that out there right now. i would drop in a 560ti/6850/6870 or the 7000x line of video cards if the 660ti was out at it price point it would be a good deal. 16gigs of ram is going to be overkill in any rig.i would look into tossing an ssd as a boot drive or the main one with your os and office on it. it does speed up your system a lot.boot times and os loads even if it a slowest one out there there still faster then a mec drive. one thing also in the build is how quiet do you want your new rig to be. an h80 cooler and a case with larger fans...lower rmp going to have almost no noise. some of the newer cases like the antec 100 gaming case have great wire management and also heat management. where you can put a fan on the bottom of the case to pull air in and a top fan to pull air out.if you do go with an older case with front usb 2.0 ports check your mb box to see if they put the cable adaport in the box.they do make for mb top headers a usb 3 to usb3 cables.
May 20, 2012 4:21:10 PM

Thanks so much for the replies. Helpful information. If I am using dual monitors what video set up recommendation would you guys have?
I do light gaming but want to use dual monitors so would one card cover that or would I need to go with two.
Keep the info coming and thank you again!