580's dropping to 0% usage while gaming

Hi Guys,

Not sure if i'm posting in the right section but my comp has been getting random spikes while gaming in either WoW, mass effect 3, batman arkham city really just about any game my gpu's go up hover at about 60%-80% usage then they drop to 0% then back up. It also doesn't matter the quality of the game WoW @ low settings and WoW at high settings are the same. As for system specs (nothing oc'ed)

Asus P8P67 Deluxe
i5 2500k
G Skill Rip Jaws Cl9 @ 1633
GTX 580 SLI (reference)
Corsair AX 850 Gold PSU
Corsair Force GT 120G
WD Cavair black R0 config
x3 Benq XL2410T

Before you ask my temps stay stable my CPU is water cooled by a Corsair H70 with push pull config and never goes over 55c while under load, as for the GPU's they never go over 65. I've ran Memtest86+ for about 4h and furmark and prime95 with no errors. Also did a clean install of the latest nvidia drivers, but the issue was still there for the last WQHL drivers aswell.

It should be noted that the issue still persists even with only one gtx 580, I swapped them out and tried just a gtx 460 and I was still getting spikes.

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated,

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  1. I'm having the exact same problem on a game called Combat Arms, with a GTX 580.

    I'll be playing at 60 FPS with Vsync, or 210 FPS without. My gfx card usage will hover anywhere from 10% usage to 40% usage, and drops to 0% usage nearly every 10 seconds or so, sometimes longer, causing the game to freeze for a good 1-3 seconds at any time during the game.

    I can't stand this and I would really like to play. It doesn't have the effect on any other game.

    My max temp is around 65c. Can't find an answer to this problem anywhere. :/ At first I thought it was an issue with the power throttling, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
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