Cant play youtube or flash on Windows 7 64bit

I keep having problems playing videos in any web browser. How do I fox it.
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  1. you fire fox it? lol

    Sounds to me like you need to install the latest versions of:

    -adobe air
    -silver light
    -shock wave
  2. Wha is the error message that you receive?
    Verify that you have Flash Player installed in "programs and features" in Control Panel.

    If it is indeed installed, then Internet Explorer may be blocking it, which is how I have it set.
  3. to be able to fix a problem we need to know what the problem is and what it is affecting

    there are many different browsers.

    without knowing what browser you are having the problem with we cant help.

    did videos use to work?
    if they did what did you do before they stopped to stop it working?

    what browser are you using?
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