Game Crashing/Freezing

i have 2 problems .. my pc specs are:
Pentium4 3bit 2.4Ghz/ Running at 1.8Ghz (dont know why)
VIA P4X266-8233 Board
Kingston DDR1 512+256=768mb ram
Inno3d FX5500 AGP 8x(running on 4x cuz my board doesnt support 8x)
Windows XP sp2 (i had sp3 still had same problem)
300W PSU

First of all plz tell me why my Processor is operating on 1.8Ghz where it should work on 2.4Ghz, does my board not support it also my Processor's FSB is 533mhz but its operating at 400mhz, i tried to overclock once but it ddnt work out max overclock was 1.98Ghz but on it windows got curropt and gave errors so i reinstalled windows and brought processor to default :/

Second Problem is all games are crashing after 10-15 seconds after running them they worked pretty well before whats wrong now? plz help me out :/
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  1. i would have to see your bios options to know where to start. and i cant look them up because you listed a chip on your motherboard instead of your motherboard.
  2. farren i searched the board theres no maker model written on it :( plz help me
  3. they generally put it between card slots or next to the ram.
    if you want to go the an extreme you could just post a vid to youtube of you going through your bios. then provide a link here. someone here will be familiar with it, if im not.
  4. its also possible your processor is bad but its far more likely your settings are.
  5. see this this is all i can find ..
    Manufacturer : Unspecified
    Product : P4X266-8233
    Version : Unspecified
    Serial Number : Unspecified
    Support MP : No

    Chassis Information :
    Manufacturer : Unspecified
    Type : Desktop
    Version : Unspecified
    Serial Number : Unspecified
    Asset : Unspecified

    OEM Support :
    HPET : No
    SLIC : No
    nVidia SLI Ready : No
    Asus AIBooster : No

    Sensor Information :
    Hardware Monitoring : ITE SIS950 / IT8705F

    On-Board Device Information :
    Embedded Controller : No

    Slots Information :
    Slot PCI : 32-bit [5.0v] - Empty
    Slot PCI : 32-bit [5.0v] - In Use
    Slot PCI : 32-bit [5.0v] - In Use
    Slot PCI : 32-bit [5.0v] - Empty
    Slot AGP : 32-bit [5.0v] - In Use

    External Connectors :
    Serial 16450 Compatible : DB-9 male
    Serial 16450 Compatible : DB-9 male
    Parallel ECP/EPP : DB25 female
    Keyboard : PS/2
    Mouse : PS/2

    Internal Connectors :
    PRIMARY IDE : On Board IDE
    FDD : On Board Floppy
    COM1 : 9 Pin Dual Inline (pin 10 cut)
    COM2 : 9 Pin Dual Inline (pin 10 cut)
    LPT1 : DB25 female
    Keyboard :
    PS/2 Mouse : PS/2
    USB :
  6. well i looked it up the hard way and i know that those chipsets, the VIA P4X266E + VT8233A were only used one motherboards whose makers ive never heard of. like octec and aska.

    its time to retire that antique. you can get whole systems for under $300 that are much faster that that.
  7. ok thanks mate ..
  8. yeah get a new pc
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