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Hi, i am fairly new to the computer world and i need some advice on an upgrade on my currently system. My currently system is running:

AMD Athlon II X 3 450(stock speeds, with 4th core unlocked)
ATI Radeon HD6870 GPU
Seasonic x750 gold 750 w
Asus M4A79XTD-EVO Mobo
2x 2gb g. skill 1600 RAM
Coolmaster HAF-922 tower

I have been told that with my current set up i am bottle necking due to my cpu being too slow for my GPU. So i am looking into upgrading my cpu. My budget is to stay under $300 for a motherboard cpu bundle. I see that micro center is having a deal on the i5 3570 Ivy bridge for 189.99, but going with this deal i would need to buy a new motherboard since my current board is a Socket AM3. Micro center also has a deal on an AMD Phenom II x 4 965 for $99. I am debating on witch processor would best for what i do on the computer. If i upgrade to the i5 3570, The only motherboard i can afford would be the Asrock Z77 PRO3, but if i go with the AMD Phenom II x 4 965 i can use my current motherboard or if i get a new one i will have $200 to put twards it. I was told that If i go with the i5 then my system would be bottle necking due to the i5 3570 being too fast for the GPU. I am mainly using this system for gaming, but the only game i play are diabo 3 and League of legends. I enjoy playing these games in max settings. I don't know which processor would be best for my situation and for what i use the computer for.
FYI: I don't plan on going to X-fire, I plan on staying with only 1 gpu. Although I may upgrade later in the year to a PCI-e 3.0 GPU.

Thank you for your feed back.
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  1. Go with the 3570. Talk to the micro center store manager and see what boards they offer at a discount with the 3570 if the sales staff won't.
  2. You may I repeat MAY be losing a few frames per second with your current processor playing Diablo 3.,3195-6.html
    According to this chart you loose 2 fps minimun frame rate and no difference on max frame rate compared to a I5 2500 @4ghz.
    For LoL you should be hitting 100fps (game cap) so no difference there either if you upgrade your processor.
  3. I'd say go with phenom ll 965. Although it comes with a cooler even at low temps it's very loud . A Cooler master hyper evo will keep things cool and quite and allow a nice overclock. That would give you a nice balanced systym. Cheers.
  4. The cpu fan i am running a the coolmaster hyper 212, but i have 2 x 120mm fans on it. Also If i go with the phenom II 965, should i replace my mother board, or is the one i am currently using good enough for what i do and a possible mild over clock?
  5. your mobo is fine for a phenom 2 965 i would hardly say even your current setup would be bottle necked for diablo 3 blizzard games are notoriously simple on hardware cos they wanna sell to broadest market possible and thats at highest level of graphics! the intel is way better than the 965 and bulldozers are sh!t but for 99 bucks you cant really go wrong with the trusty old phenom get a hyper 212 evo and a 2nd 120 mm fan and clock it up and by the way pci-e 3 wont make the gpus quicker it only allows for more bandwidth available to it ( another words unless you have a couple of 690's in sli i dont think it will be an issue)
  6. The 3570 is obviously the more powerful, long term option. But, as you pointed out, the cost of the processor itself and a new motherboard would be a lot more than just the 965. If all you're going to play is Diablo 3 and LoL, then you won't really need the power of the 3570. I happen to know that the 965 coupled with a Radeon 6870 will play both games fine, since that's the same build I have.
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    If you can get a 3570 with board for around $250 at microcenter, I'd go for it. I wish I lived near one. They do have a range of boards available with cpus, but a low end model is all you really need with one video card slot.
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  9. I went to micro center and got the i5 3570 with an asusu p8z77-v pro mobo. I picked up 2x4gb of kingston hyper x blu 1600 ram and I must say, I couldnt be happier. Thanks for the suggestions.
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