Is this good value comp $450 (i5 760, gtx 460 1gb)

Hi. I'm thinking about buying this rig for $450. Do you think its a good value?

•Motherboard: Intel Extreme DP55KG

•Process: Intel Core i5 Quad core CPU 760 @ 2.80GHz

•RAM: 4G Dual Channel Kingston HyperX DDR3 (2133mHz)

•Video Card: Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 1gb

•OS: Windows 7: Home Premium 64-bit

•Power Supply: Corsair TX650W

•Hard Drive: 630GB
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  1. If that is your budget then yes it's a good value because you won't get much more than that for $450.
  2. do you think im getting a steal? or just about right? or should i haggle the price down to $400?
  3. Haggle Cheaper is cheaper, The price is about normal for a good used gaming system.
    My basic thoughts anyway.
  4. What is this a used computer that you are wanting to buy off someone ?
    If you were to buy the cpu , motherboard and video card new then you would be paying around $450. Add to that the OS goes for $100 and then your left with the ram , psu and hdd. So now since these parts are used you have to take some depreciation and I would say that for $450 you are getting a pretty good deal but if you want to squeeze some more that's up to you , the deal as is does sound pretty good. I hope it's from a reliable source.
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