Is my amd 6970 overheating? PLZ NEED HELP SOON

Hi guys i have two 6970s in crossfire and my primary one has 2 24inch screens hooked up to it and its idling at 55c and load is 75c is this too high?

Any replies will be greatly appreciated :bounce:
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  1. is my idle temp way too high? or am i safe?
  2. The primary one usually runs a little hotter too because its airflow gets blocked by the lower card. And the case gets hotter with 2 especially if they arent reference designs. You could turn the fan up if you wanted but nothing wrong with those temps.

    Idle temps don't really matter as far as "safe" is concerned
  3. so im safe or not?
  4. fan speed is 54% at 55c idle
  5. ok 80% fan speed at 52c idle is this ok also if it is my ears can take it and my case buffers sound alot. is this ok and will the fan speed go up if it needs to now? or not? like if i run furmark? 51c!! now yay. :)
  6. am i safe or not? must i set fan speed manually or is 55c ok?
  7. Furmark is a VERY stressful test, you'll never see such high temperatures under gaming loads although you should watch the temperatures if you are part of the folding@home community, it's also a demanding application.
    That said, your current temperatures are good, rest assured no harm will come to your cards, they're quite, quite safe.
    FYI, yes, my '6950 has a Zalman cooler, but I work odd hours and the household was giving me grief over the stock coolers noise :(!
  8. im not scared about load temps but im scared about idle temps? is it ok
  9. Your idle temps are 100% normal at 55C if you have 2 monitors hooked up. When the Radeon's have two monitors hooked up, the clocks on the card do not downclock like normal and cause 10-15C more heat. Your load temps are fine as well. Unless you want a loud system, I'd not mess with it.
  10. so leave it to do its thing? not set the fan to 80% for a 4c drop in temperature? 51c@80% and 54%fan for 55c
  11. I'd go 55c at 54% fan. Excessive fan loads can shorten the fans life span too. What is 4C anyways? Components are designed to run at those temps.

    If you removed your 2nd monitor, you should see lower idle temps, however.
  12. If you want to do something proactive, perhaps you can fix some cable management and get better airflow.
  13. amd when hooked to more then one monitor adjust its memeory so the first card run at 55c whit two monitor when you unhooked the seconde it will drop at 45

    for the run test 75 its pretty good for a 6970 trust me
  14. ok im am calming down now. Thanks alot guys.
  15. Hi guys, a bit old but I'll post anyway. I have one 6970, and once i start up my pc everything is normal, and after I start playing then stop, activity wont drop below 51% and temp is 82°C+ Something must be wrong.
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