Nvidia 9800 external graphics card laptop

I own a HP 430 and would like to buy an external graphic card as I love gaming so will it work and if yes then which one would you suggest?
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  1. Well I don't think they make a external card. Now I know they make something like a external card so you can have more than one monitor but it really isn't a GPU just a box of something.

    I will link you to them. Ok I have given you some links that it might help you or not. But as it goes for now I can't go out and buy a GTX 550 Ti external GPU because they don't make them.

    But what I linked you to they seem to claim that they are external graphic cards. I hope this helps and good luck to you.




  2. I know there are some out there, but I totally forgot the name of them. It would be better to just have a tower computer though. It would be more efficient and with the portable graphics card it pretty much hinder's the laptop's main purpose, portability.
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