Windows 7 problem not working of audio sound,no scf scan & disk manage

I'v buyed Dell studio 1555 with Windows 7 Home Premium(64 bit).I had uninstalled power dvd(pre installed by Dell) using Revo uninstaller ,inadvertently I deleted some of the registry files.
Now facing various problems...
First there is no audio sound(no mp3,no login sound, no keypad sound..)..

then on changing monitor settings through keyboard buttons there is no graphical display of the monitotr status ...

when i tried to run sfc \scannow (in cmd prompt as Administrator) it shows "Windows resource protection could not start the repair"

when I tried to open Disk Management utility an error dialogue box stating "Disk management could not start Virtual Disk Space..This happen if remote computer does get supported or if connection cannot be established..."

My system details:dell studio 1555,windows 7 Home Premium(64 bit),core 2 duoT6600,320 GB HD SATA,3 Gb RAM

Its annoying Pls Help me...
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    Yah, the warning to carefully review everything before deletion is no joke. It sounds like there's so much messed up that, with sfc/ scannow unavailable, you really should just do a system recovery using the built-in Recovery Partition. Instructions here. You might as well try Step 1, but I'm thinking you will need to go to Step 2.
  2. Thank you very much Bolbi.Through PC restore I have re-installed windows 7 successfully.

    I have got the problem in creating new Volume.

    Before PC restore process I have already made 142 GB as "Free Space" and 146 GB in C:/ Drive in my 320GB SATA HD.

    Now the OS is in 146 GB partition.I made a shrink, to have 80 GB in C:/ Drive .

    As a result an unallocated partition 66GB is formed between Drive(C) and Free space.

    I tried to create a new simple volume out of 66GB, but after clicking Finish button at the end it shows
    "You cannot create a new volume in this unallocated space because the disk already contains the maximum number of partitions".

    After this surprisingly I have created two Logical partitions(50 GB & 52 GB) from the "Free space partition"(not from the "Unallocated Space") leaving 40 GB.

    Please suggest me how to create a primary partition out of unallocated Space 66.42 GB.

    My disk Management show (as in Order)
    Healthy(OEM)-198 MB,
    Recovery-9.12 GB,
    Drive (C:)-80 GB,
    unallocated-66.42 GB,
    Drive(G:)-50 GB,
    Free space-40GB.
  3. You're welcome!
    As for the partitions... I'm confused! Post a screenshot, or ask this question in the Storage section of the forum.
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