Posting Problems

Every time I attempt to post I receive the following message: Flood attempt detected. You cannot post this message.

The post completes but the first time I attempted the post again and there were duplicate posts. Any suggestions?
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  1. On the post I just made I received this message: The site is temporarily unavailable.
    Please come back soon.

  2. The temporarily unavailable thing happens occasionally - all sites have to have some down time for maintenance purposes. The other one you experienced must have thought something was going on that it didn't like. Probably just a glitch.

  3. They are glitches,i receive them also.
  4. Never worked for me
  5. mahidoes said:
    Never worked for me

    And yet, here you are! :D The site is undergoing a revamp right now and will be up and running more efficiently quite soon.

    Which browser are you using to access Tom's?

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