What is this process?(Proccessor)

in windows task manager i decided to check most
heavy(cpu using) processes and i found one
image Name : System Idle Process
CPU: 75-100 (this is what worries me)
memory : 24k
description Percentage Of Time The Processor Is Idle

what is this process? and is the CPU (Part that i listed)
realy using 75%+ of my cpu?

cpu usage is way under that but what does that mean?
and is this a required process? and what does it mean by idle?

i ask this because ive been noticeing alot of lagg on my pc
if the computer has been on(without me doing things or while i am)
for a while.
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  1. The system idle process is not really a process but a placeholder for the available CPU capacity. That's what "Idle" means. This way the CPU usage in task manger always adds up to 100%.
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