Fans for NZXT Phantom 410


I'm preparing for my first build and on the lookout for 120/140mm fans. I want to place another 140mm fan on top for exhaust and dual 120mm on the front.

So far from researching I've learned that most fan specifications are biased. So, I'd really appreciate if someone could recommend me on decent fans which can operate quietly (~30 dBA or less) preferably with blue LEDs.

Also I'd like to note that the NZXT 410 case comes with a 3 speed fan controller, so obviously being able to connect the fan to it would be a bonus.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. i would generally go for a quality fan like this enermax,i like quiet fans and am prepared to pay more for them also,look for some reviews and a supplier in your area before making your choice
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