Heat sink will not fit on my motherboard!

Hello, i have a problem. I have a arctic freezer pro 7 cooler and also the motherboard that is in my signature.

It is easier to explain with pictures so here it is. Here is my motherboard.
The green arrow shows the direction of air flow
The red circles shows where the screws holding the socket are.
The blue circles show where the latch is
The pink arrows show which direction my arctic freezer pro can face.

Same colour codes apply here.

You see where the arrow is pointing? That is where the fan goes, and thats the direction of air being sucked inwards. You see where i aim pointing cirlced in blue, thats where the blue bit on the motherboard, attatches to the blue bit on the heatsink.

Now here is another picture.

Scenario 1, i face the heatsink downards so the fan is facing my GPU at the bottom there. If i do the air will flow up into the fan, and out the back into the PSU. The PSU will get hot wont it?

scenario 2, i face the heatsink upwards. The fan is facing my psu fan. Both the psu fan and the heatsink are sucking air, direction of air is shown by the arrows. They both have to fight for air, and also they will be extremely close. the air will be blown out at the gpu by the heatisnk.

What should i do?
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  3. anyone!?
  4. i had problems with my freezer pro too i eventually got it in and had heat issues so i put the stock cooler which came with my fx8150 and it was cooler not by much but there we go.
  5. So what should i do? I only have the freezer pro and my stock...
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