Overclocking problem raidon 6750- pls help me pls

hello frnds, am thejus!! am having a xfx raidon 6750!! i play most games at max not full hd res!! so yesterday i tried to use amd over drive!! i put gpu frequency 800 mhz and memory cloc 1250 mhz!! it was stable!! i played nfs run at 30+ fps at ultra! then i maxed out it to 860 mhz and 1380 sys became unstable!! then i reduce it to 820 and 1300 mhz the sys works but game hanges!! so i again checked 800 mhz and 1250 mhz then test shows faileur!! then whatever settings i put test shows its failure!! this card is my greatest hope!! plz any one help me out!! am in big worry!! will my card become ok!! why my test result shows failure in all cases???? please i do need all your help!! pls any one help me out!! and pls tell to use wich frequency!!! thnks in advance!!! plsssssssssssss
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  1. What you can do it delete the drivers and the card from your system and then take the computer and shut down and unplug. Wait a few minuts and then put the card back in and install the drivers from the4 install cd. Then update the drivers and it shuold work as before.
    If you are not up to all that you can do a system restore to the day before you tried to overclock.
  2. ^+1
    Another piece of advice. When you OC anything you should write down what ever your specs are before you change anything. If you trust your memory then that is where you make the mistakes.

    If you do what inzone has posted you should be right back in the begining. Good luck to you.
  3. hi inzone,, am having a coolmaster 500w psu with one 6pin connecter and an intel core i5 2400! so how much can i clock my xfx raidon 6750 to get max perfomence. now am using gpu clock at:800mhz and memory clock at:1250 mhz. this is perfectly alright. and i get w7 rating for card 7.4.
    is this my cards maximum capability. it can go further ahead??
    if so plz help me to config the card to get max perfomence.
    ok thanks inzone!
    pls reply...for this to....
  4. Here is some links to how to OC your GPU. I hope this helps. I hope this helps you and I do wish you good luck on your OC'ing. I use MSI Afterburner to OC my cards. Sometimes you have to play around a little.



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