VPU Recover Or Display Driver Nvidia Has Stopped Responding And Has Recoverd Pro

Hello,Okay i have tried every operating system apart from one, Windows Vista 64 BIT, I Keep getting problems no matter what i do and its driving me mad, i had a geforce gt220 and now i have an Asus radeon HD 6670, my gt220 never had vpu recover but use to barely play games without freezing and needing to reset my computer, my asus radeon however was able to play mass effect 3 with no problems which my gt220 couldn't, ever since i tried out windows 7 that didn't work, i kept getting an issue saying, 'Display driver AMD has stopped responding and recovered and would freeze on every cutscene in games so then i switched back to XP 64-bit and now i'm having this issue even worst, i was maybe going to buy vista 64-bit and see if that would resolve my problem?

4GB DDR2 Ram
AMD Triple Core Processer 8400
Asus AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB
500W Power supply
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  1. This problem happens with both AMD and nVidia, it's more related to a windows bug with drivers. Express Uninstall all your graphics drivers and install the latest ones from AMD website.
    Latest stable version is the CCC 12.2
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