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So a bit ago I got my Sig banned in the System Builders forum. Nothing too bad, just had a link that profited elsewhere. Anyways, I've been led to believe this is the reason I can't post on articles. Can a mod please resolve the issue? Sorry if I sound a bit too demanding.
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  1. Try Firefox, IE doesn't work for me :/
  2. Using Firefox currently and it don't work :/
  3. Have you updated it?
  4. I can post once any where then have to swap to USA forum to post again then back to UK its getting on my nerves now Might just quit
  5. Yeah fully updated. Still can't do it.
  6. Now I have found that if I refresh the page a few times it will let me post. this is for any comment anywhere on either forum site.
    I have tried Opera and Explorer and Chrome and Firefox

  7. LucidLogix Virtu MVP, when enabled, give me graphical glitches. Very bad in Far Cry 2, and annoying in Left for Dead 2. This is on a top of the line, brand new system running all the latest drivers. Whenever I disable virtuMVP it works great, re-enable glitches. I've read some white papers that summarized it's basically a sham. Kind of like the drive optimizations made by ATI and NVIDIA back in the day so they could report higher benchmarks by actually stripping out some of the rendering of the scene. I hope this is information is wrong buy I'm having my doubts about this technology.
  8. same problem here. funny, it let post this but not to the actual article I wanted to.
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