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  1. 6850 is fine for diablo3 since it doesn't require powerful hardware it can run
    over 40 fps at 2560x1600 which and over 65 fps at 1080p, so it will be fine for that but if you'd like to play other games as well might want to check out a 6870 for a bit more power.

    8/10- motherboard is a bit on the high end for your platform but i love it, i built a few for computers recently for friends all with asrock extreme 3 gen 3, its something about it that makes me warm inside :3

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  2. If it's just Diablo 3, could always go for a budget build.
    Runs Diablo 3 well on 1080p according to the link ltpenguin provided.
  3. Thanks for your replies, I have a pretty good idea of what I'm doing now.

    ltpenguin: D3 will most likely be the only game I'll be playing so I'll stick with the 6850. Your confidence in the ASrock is reassuring though.

    7Ghost: That link was helpful, thanks to you I think I can cut down my budget a little.
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