Odd problem with a GCard install

I am working on my cousins PC and he just bought a Radeon 6670 card, his system meets all requirement. When the card is installed however, i cannot get video from either the card or the MOBO's integrated port. Without the 6670 or if i place his old 47XX in the slot, everything works as it should. I have checked compatibility and everything and the only other PC i have available to check to see if the card is functioning is my own.... I dont like messing with a good thing if i can avoid it. She can be temperamental when shes played with to much.

Basicly though, I am getting no video from any port on the card (DVI, HDMI, Mini Display) and it only acts this way on this card. I am going to break down and try it in my system tommarow but im hoping someone has a better idea before then. Thanks a ton and thank you Tom because this site has saved me many troubleshooting headaches! :D
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  1. Update the bios, 4770 is pci-e 2.0 while 6670 is 2.1 ... Why would you go from 4770 -> 6670 anyways? They offer similar performance.
  2. on that 6770 did you plug the 6 pins connector for power
  3. I didnt make the upgrade, i got asked to help when he messed it up. The 6670 does not have a 6 pin power connection. Only thing i can think of is that the card is bad and I am about to test that in my PC (as much as i dont want to). I was just wondering if someone else had a similar problem or if i overlooked something.

    For the record also, i told him that upgrading his Gcard wouldnt make WoW run better....but kids these days =\
  4. he is also running 32bit windows and 2 GB of RAM, i told him he should take the money he spent on a new Gcard and upgrade his RAM and his OS to a 64bit. It would cost him 50$ more and make a much bigger improvement than a mediocre GCard upgrade.
  5. the other thing witch are the other parts that are in the system,psu ,cpu memory and board
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