Xfx 6870 have any driver issue or any other issue

xfx 6870 have any driver issue or any other issue
I had recently purchased xfx 6790 had a problem ... Problem is that when i run the game, after some time game stuck for a few moment and screen was gone black after that a message appears " Display driver not responding and recover successfully" i am old user of xfx and i don't want to purchase any other brand now i decided to purchase xfx 6870 .... plzzz tell me about this gpu have it any drivers issue or not or any other issues.... i don't want to purchase any other gpu so kindly just tell me about this gpu. Need your suggestions badly...
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  1. Could be just a bad card or drivers. Try removing current drivers install the newest http://support.amd.com/us/Pages/AMDSupportHub.aspx and still a problem RMA the card!
  2. Thnx bro pro not solved it gpu issue nnot driver i replace the gpu as it is in warranty... thnx for ur valueable suggestions...
  3. Ok . I tried everything. Uninstall, reinstall, everything. So I put the card away. Tried It again with the same results. I phoned MSI and talked with someone and he said nothing that everyone else is not saying. Power, fresh install, all that stuff...He even told me it was refurbished with them and up to spec. I got and RMA number and an email from them. I filled out a little form and a description of what was going on. "driver has stopped responding and has recovered" So I sent it out that day, only cost me 13 bucks to ship with the Canadian post to Markham Ontario. It was there at 12:10 P.M and they knew what was wrong because they sent me a new one at 12:38 P.m that day. It never said what the problem was but It must have been the card because the card had a different serial number.

    So my answer to everyone is just get and RMA number and send it out.
  4. Bro i got another gpu xfx 6870 Black edition but problem is that when i update drivers to 12.4 but still my gpu shows 10.10 version will any one help me....
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