Last Chance $1500 Gaming Build

I am about to pull the trigger on this build:

I just wanted to run it by the community before I did it! :o

Approximate Purchase Date: Next day or two. I would wait longer to be sure I get the right parts.

Budget Range: about $1500

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, web development (PHP), repairing with SabNZBD

Parts Not Required: Monitor - already have a 27" IPS 2560 x 1440

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: or

Country: Canada

Parts Preferences: Reliable parts

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

Monitor Resolution: 2560x1440

Additional Comments: I would like a quiet PC. It seems is out of stock on ALL GTX 670 video cards and 680s too!!! Is that card powerful enough for my resolution? Also not sure about the motherboard - originally had the ASROCK z77 extreme4, but changed only because I am not familiar with that brand.
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  1. Hey, I have almost the same build that I'm getting ready to order. I've heard great things about the ASROCK z77, thats what I'm getting, it's also cheaper then you current board. One not on the R3 case, it does run pretty warm, so would need to add a couple extra fans to it. I am also trying for a pretty silent rig, went from the Corsair 550D silent case, to the R3, but both ran to hot for my liking. And now going with the 500r, the fans on it are decently quiet, plus have a 3 way controller and if you turn them down it's virtually silent. There's my build. Also the Muskin SSD is suppose to be really good, and cheaper the the Crucial M4. It's at $210 for 240Gb.
  2. One more comment, you might want to look into a low profile RAM, the one I have in my build is low profile for $5 more. Will make sure you won't have any issues with the RAM interfering with your heat sink, especially cause your's is 140mm instead of 120. But don't need a heat sink like that, especially if your not planning on overclocking at all. the one I have is plenty for a slight over clock up to 4.2Ghz.
  3. Thanks Hopz. I've updated my build. The Mushkin 240SSD is only $5 less than the Crucial M4 but is 16GB smaller, so I just kept it the same (unless there are more reasons to switch)

    One note on your system, some folks at Tom's have told me there are problems with the EVGA Superclocked GTX 670 video card you have, here is one comment I got about that card (from yougotjaked)

    if you end up getting a 670, I wouldn't get the EVGA SC version. It's been having tons of problems (and got a small recall).

    Hopefully, there will be some stock on the 670s soon!
  4. Yeah that makes sense, I would keep the Crucial M4 as well then. And thats good to know about the EVGA SC, I just put the SC up on my build cause it was the only EVGA in stock at the time.

    I'm hoping they start coming in as well!

    Once you order and get your build set up, you should let me know how it all goes!
  5. I got my system! I built it and it runs very well. Here are some comments:

    -I ended up buying the Gigabyte GTX 680 Windforce because I was tired of waiting for the 670s to be in stock. It was an extra $90. Amazing card! I get max fps in Diablo 3, League of Legends, WoW even with my 27" IPS.

    -The Extreme4 motherboard is actually very nice. It sure boots fast! The only issue I have with it is when I first power on or wake up from sleep, my stock CPU cooler sounds like a jet engine for 5 seconds. Is there a fix for this?

    -Bought a Yamakasi Catleap 2560x1440 27" IPS monitor ( from green-sum on eBay. Great monitor. The stand really sucks though. I've got another on order.

    -The 500r case is very nice.

    -I ended up getting 16GB or Ram instead of 8... It was $50 more... and will help when I have so many apps open.

    Very happy with my system. It is fairly quiet, but there are a lot of fans in the case. I have not OCed yet. Not sure if I need to? The system is crazy fast. Windows boots in < 8 seconds.

    Thanks for the advice. It is a very nice system. Let me know how yours goes.
  6. I'm glad you build turned out nicely!

    -Makes sense about getting the GTX 680, I"m still waiting for a 670 haha, but we'll see how long that last.

    -As for the stock CPU cooler, you can get an 212 EVO which is what i'm getting and will be good for an OC up to 4.5 Ghz which is all you would really need.

    -The monitor sounds pretty sick, I'll be playing Diablo and LoL on my new rig.

    -Glad you like the case, and 16Gb was a good choice if you do have a lot of stuff running the background.

    -How loud is it all together? And the case does have the 3 way fan controller to turn them down.

    -And I was going to do a light OC, around 4-4.2 GHz, heard that where you see the most improvement.
  7. Was hoping for a Gigabyte Windforce 670. Do you think it's worth waiting for them to come back in stock? Need everything delivered by the 18th so still have 2 weeks.
  8. Then yes, you could wait. :)
  9. Not sure about stock on the Gigabyte Windforce 670, NCIX had a shipment come in briefly now they are out of stock again. I heard the ASUS GTX 670 DirectCUs are also good. But they are almost the same price as a 680s! I felt a bit guilty about spending an extra 100$ for a 8% boost in performance. If you can wait I'd get the 670.

    -I didn't see a fan adjustment, I will take a closer look - thanks!

    -I'm new to OCing, but I'll try a small OC. I've read that the 212 EVO is good bang for buck. I was thinking the Noctua but it is 3 times more

    -I can hear the fans, but they are quiet.
  10. K cool, I'll keep an eye over the next couple weeks then for the Gigabyte 670.

    -yeah there is definitely a fan controller on the 500r, thats one of the great things about it.

    - Yeah a small OC is all you would really need imo. And yeah the 212 EVO seems to be the best bang for your buck.
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