Integrated Graphics vs Dedicated GPU

Integrated Graphics vs Dedicated GPU

I was just looking at youtube trying to find something fairly recent that performed a demonstration between integrated graphics vs dedicated GPU with a video juxtaposition so we can actually see any differences. I didn't really find anything very useful.

I'm curious to find out if the new Ivy Bridge with its HD4000 integrated graphics is good enough or not. I'd like to see a side by side comparison (juxtaposition).

Although, I don't consider myself much of a "gamer" but, I will be rendering video. So, I'm curious about how long it might take to render a 2 hour DVD for example with integrated graphics vs dedicated GPU.

After that, I'm curious about at what point a GPU is plenty good enough and then begins to get into "overkill" for what I need vs. price. If I were going to buy a GPU, I'd consider an NVidia 650 or AMD 7890 or something around there. I really don't want to go beyond 120 watts.

All I see attempting to tackle this is below but, it provides nothing beyond jibber jabber:

Integrated Graphics vs Dedicated Video Card
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  1. Apologies, I forgot to search around before posting. I found these other similar threads but, none offer what I was asking for. The Tom's link below is from 08 so, I'd love to see an updated version of that when the Ivy Bridge comes out with its HD4000:

    Discrete vs. Integrated Graphics Benchmarks,2030-12.html
  2. Ivy Bridge is not out yet so you will have to wait a while to see what the HD4000 can do. There is quite a variety of video cards and for the most part they are much better than intergrated video. This chart can give you some idea of the ranking of dedicated vs intergrated.,3107-7.html
  3. Good call, I forgot about that link too. I'd seen a couple months ago but forgot about it.
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