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hey guys i have just finished assembling my new pc all except for the video card. I am planning to run crysis 2, total war series games. and im wondering what kind of card i should buy that will allow me to play the games at max settings?
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  1. That depends alot on what resolution you play at. Also what brand and how many watts is your power supply
  2. my power supply is antec 850w, the resolution im playing at is 1920x1200
  3. Something along the line of 560TI-570, not sure of amd equivalant
  4. A single GTX570 or GTX560ti will not allow you to max out those games.You would need something like a GTX580 but even so you will only be getting around 40-55 fps in Crysis 2.I suggest going for a 7970 or waiting for the GTX680.

    What are your full system specs?(CPU,RAM,etc.)

    Crysis 2 benchmark:,2983-6.html
  5. full system spec are intel g840 cpu, 4gb ddr3-1333, ASRock extreme 3gen, 500gb seagate with windows 7 ultimate.
  6. A GTX680 will happily max out that game at that resolution with full hd textures and DX 11
  7. What CPU is that?
  8. its an intel g840 running at 2.8ghz
  9. Well that processor will greatly bottleneck any of the cards mentioned here.Your going to need a new CPU if you plan on maxing those games out.

    I wish we would have known about this sooner.You should always list your full system specs when asking about help.
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