Sound Issue

Asus M4A88T-V EVO
Onboard sound Realtek
Windows 7 64 bit

I recently replaced the power supply on my system, and when I fired it back up, no sound is coming from the speakers. I double checked the speakers were working, and they are. I downloaded updated drivers from realtek, even reverted and let windows install it. Checked BIOS to make sure onboard sound was enabled. Tried all the unplugging and replugging tricks. I do get a signal that the CPU is recognising sound in the mixer, but nothing comes out of the speakers.
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  1. Did you plug the speakers into the green socket? Have you tried connecting to your front panel connectors?
  2. I've tried plugging into all sockets, including the front panel yes. I even tried a different cord to make sure that wasn't the problem. Is it possible for the ports to be fritzed.
  3. what you see in the realtek panel
  4. Everything I'm supposed to. Speakers and digital output. The green icon in the panel display show I'm plugged in.
  5. could you post a picture of the realtek panel also there is nothing mute on the volume control
  6. I can't post a picture, but I'm pretty confident all settings are normal and as should be, at least as they were before the problem started. Nothing is muted
  7. when in realtek do you got advanced mode to test if you got sound from speaker
  8. I've run the test and no sound correct. The system recognizes the speakers, and in volume control, I am getting a signal, indicating that sound is being recognized, but none comes out.
  9. would try remove the driver then reinstall them
  10. Done that twice already. Downloaded driver form the Realtek site as well as ASUS site for the motherboard.
  11. do you have headset that you could try in those connector and see if you got sound adding this check if the front panel audio is connect to motherboard in mobo
  12. yep. Tried that, no dice.
  13. all connections are good. Realtek control panel recognizes a connection on both back and front panels. I'm sensing an issue with my BIOS? But I'm not an expert enough on BIOS configs to know for sure. I do know that the audio is enabled in BIOS.
  14. try the fix it from microsoft upper link
  15. Yeah I've done the microsoft fix its. No issues detected
  16. In your BIOS, all you do is enable/disable the on-board sound. Really no other configuration items on most modern rigs. I am still thinking about this one.....
  17. ...On second thought, some systems let you select AC '97 or HD Audio mode. Your FP connector needs to match the mode you have chosen. Many cases use front panel connectors that have both AC '97 and separate HD Audio connections on them.

    If, you can select the mode in the BIOS (usually in the integrated devices section), make sure your FP connector matches the mode.
  18. you got a good point on this one COLGeek
  19. My MOBO does have both HD and AC 'Mode, and the case has plugs for both. HD is plugged in and enabled. I'll try plugging in the AC'97 and enabling that option in BIOS. Try anything at this point.
  20. did you install those from asus Version v5.10.0.6151/v6.0.1.
  21. I tried the ASUS driver download, and the one from realtek. I just did the switch to AC '97 and no dice. I think the onboard sound might just be fried. SHould I invest in a soundcard?
  22. and yes that's the version I currently have loaded.
  23. Actually, I guess since both the front and back panel don't work, it isn't just the MOBO internal sound right? The fishy thing for me is the fact that when I play a sound, the volume control picks up a signal. Usually when I have a sound issue, there is no signal. I'm at a loss.
  24. if you try to play a windows sound or something in windows media player or i tune do you get something suupecting the realtek panel try to switch the headphone from redirect to to independant and look if you got cut speaker when headphone is plug in
  25. Tried that. Still nothing. I can hear static/distortion when I plug the speakers in, but no output.
  26. In Control Panel/Sound is your Realtek the default output device (not any HDMI choice)?
  27. try this go to advance mode and try switching the headphone from redirect to independant also uncheck cut speaker when headphone is plug
  28. Default is the Realtek HD audio/speakers. I made the switches in advance mode as suggested, no change.
  29. My guess, at this point, is that the on-board audio adapter is defective. Could have been a short when connecting powered speakers or when you swapped your PSU. I suggest you disable the on-board sound in your BIOS and get a stand-alone audio card at this point.

    WAIT! Before you do the above. Do you have a Linux CD or DVD by chance? If not, you can get one at :

    Burn the ISO to a CD and then boot from the CD (into the Live or Try It selection, nothing will be written to you HDD). If the sound is working properly, Ubuntu will generate sound when it starts up. This "test" can verify of this is a hardware or software problem.
  30. Thanks for all the help/advice both to scout_03 and COLGeek. I blew my last PSU so I wouldn't be surprised if the surge fried the adaptor. I think you're right, buying a sound card is the next step. I've ruled out all driver/setting issues. I'll let you know if that does the trick.
  31. dont forget to use a surge protector to plug your mobo
  32. Well, it looks like you've done about all the debugging you can. Volume control is picking up a signal being played, so the system THINKS its sending out an audio signal...

    Only thing I can think of is to make sure that SPDIF isn't set as the default output. Other then that, I'm at a loss.
  33. New Sound Card is in, sound restored. Must have been the on-board adapter. Thanks again all!
  34. samburg said:
    New Sound Card is in, sound restored. Must have been the on-board adapter. Thanks again all!

    Good luck! Have fun!!
  35. enjoy music now
  36. Another method to try is REINSTALLING windows 7 and see if that solves the problem if you dont want to spend money on sound card =)
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