X4 965 Temps

Mobo: ASrock 880GM-LE FX
cpu: x4 965 BE stock, stock cooler
memory: 2x2gb 1333 G skill
PSU: 520w Antec
GPU: gts 250

I manually lowered my vcore to 1.325v, hwmonitor showing 1.35v. Is it safe to lower this more? I know I can test it but just in general.

Prime95 max temps is at 60-60c.
While playing GW2 it maxes at 55c, and hovers usually 50-53c.

These temps seem fine for stock coolers however my idle temps are 41-45c. I have an old AZZA case (will upgrade case, gpu, and a cpu cooler in a few weeks) with 2 120mm side fans, a rear fan, and a 80mm front fan. CnQ is Enabled as I didn't overclock. Should I disable CnQ?

Also, my front fan seems to spin not as fast as it should. Is this a fan problem? Will replacing it with a better one be more efficient?

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    I would try to go lower and test for stability. High voltage and/or high temps can hurt your CPU.

    If your voltage gets too low it can cause stability issues but should be otherwise harmless.
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