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I think tomorrow I will order a radeon 6870 graphics card, after a lot of digging around it seems the best for the money.....thie card in my PC now is radeon 5450 and this upgrade to the 6870 should be sufficient enough to run most games pretty dam decent.........unless I am mistaken its the best card for the money, any suggestions or comments recommendations etc. would be helpful and appreciated since it will cost me around $160 or a little more for the card alone
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  1. What kind of power supply do you have to power that new HD 6870?
  2. A 500 Watt Power Supply and 2x 6-pin PCI Express power connectors is what's recommended.

  3. you need to enlist your system specifications in order to get any kind of help
  4. It might not be. It would depend on the age and quality of the power supply and what else the power supply is powering in his system.
  5. an example of why not all '500W' PSUs are created equal.
    Coolmax V-500 Power Supply Review
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