New system for Diablo 3 but very upgradable

Approximate Purchase Date: starting ASAP but will wait for up to 3 weeks if needed

Budget Range: 900 before rebates if possible

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Diablo 3, Borderlands 2, Civ V, Starcraft 2, movies, music

Parts Not Required: mouse, keyboard, CPU Cooler

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Anywhere cheap.

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: I Like the Asus Sabertooth board,

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: Crossfire, but not to start

Monitor Resolution: 1920x (wish I could afford 2560x)

Additional Comments: I want to run diablo 3 at max settings(at my monitors max res). I want to get a nice GPU like the 7950. But since a bunch new CPUs are being released in june, I think I can go with something cheap in the same socket and upgrade to a high end chip as the prices drop. And when the graphics cards drop in price in 1 year or so, I can add another one of the 7950's and continue enjoying games at a great resolution. All while adding an additional 3 8mb ram sticks too. The first would come ASAP.

I figure I can do something like this:

Anyone have any input about issues with this idea or thoughts that could be helpful/money saving?
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  1. Well, its a nice upgrade Path you are trying to follow right now i hope you Follow it, because if not you are gonna meet the nice Mr. Bottleneck All the time.

    First of all Raidmax Psu is a nono, You have to Invest in a Good Psu From The Start if you want To Crossfire and Overclock. Something around 700-800w.
    This is a good Psu -

    you want the psu to be modular because you are getting that expensive , nice looking, motherboard and want to show off all the awesomness of it, Now you need to start Reading about the cablemanagment to show off your pc.

    While a 7950 is a good Card, i would rather get a Gtx 670 or the 7870. As you can see in the link im giving you the Price Range Between the 7950 and the 7870 is about 80-100 usd. For 3% More performance in Bf3, I really Dont like it, I feel the 7870 gives me more for my money but its your choice.,3148-6.html

    If you live in Usa, you can check Neweeg To see if you Can Combo Some of the Items you want of that list, or Check your nearest Microcenter, They have really Good Deals, I remember i saw the I5 2500k at 175 usd.
  2. That doesn't seem like a great idea.
  3. My 7850 at stock runs Diablo 3 on my 2048x1152 monitor (a few more pixels than a 1920x1200 monitor) @ 150+ fps, with dips down to 110. You'd be fine with a single 7850.

    The 7850 draws < 150w, so figure 200w for the CPU + accessories and we're good with a 450w unit. Any old quad would be fine. An i5-2400 with a P67 or Z68 or Z77 board would let you get the 4 extra bins on it and would rock Diablo 3.

    So: $150-170 for the CPU, stock cooler. $75 for 8 gigs DDR3, $125 for the MB, $60 for a case, $60 for a 450w PSU, $250 for a 7850. Well under budget.

    Starcraft 2 runs at 110+ fps on my 7850/Phenom II x4 @ 3.8ghz, and my CPU is inferior to an i5-2400 on a P67/Z68 motherboard.

    Plus, the 7850 is an overclocker's dream. Stock is 860/4800 core/memory, and 1150/5500 is NORMAL for the MSI, ASUS or Sapphire products. 1200 is possible. 1400 has been done (but needed 1.3v and died in 2 weeks).
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