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wassup nerds, i got a question. my cm 690 ii advanced has 3 fans and my mbo, the asrock z77 pro3 only has 2 cha_fan connectors. so should i connect 2 to my mobo and 1 to my psu or all 3 into my psu and call it a day?

Peace, nerds
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  1. I just looked up your case details and the case fans had 3-pin connectors along with 4 pin molex. All 3 pin connectors will be taken so i would connect the molex of the side panel fan to the molex of the PSU! I think that will work best for you that's what i would do anyway let me know.P.S.If all else fails just connected through molex connectors.
  2. I have the asrock z77 pro 3. I connect 2 fans to my cha_fan. the other one is connected to the molex PSU. No problems! Also, the fan connected to the PSU is known to be quiet, even at full.
  3. 120mm back and 140mm top to mobo, 140mm front to psu.
  4. amuffin said:
    120mm back and 140mm top to mobo, 140mm front to psu.
    +1 amuffin knows for sure he has same case as you :)
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