Building a new system is this spec good ??

Hi guys building a new oc soon this is my spec so far what do you think is it ok or should I change anything??

Coolermaster Cosmos 2

XFX 1000w black edition pro "80+ Platinum" PSU

128MB Samsung 830 SSD
1TB Western Digital Velociraptor HDD

Intel i7 3770k ivybridge

Asus Z77 Sabertooth

Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 2

16GB Corsair Vengance LP

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
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  1. Graphics? You don't need a 1000W PSU. Assuming you get the latest nVidias or ATIs, 650W will be more than enough.
  2. Also you dont need the fancy Velociraptor drive, your ssd is already blazing fast and your chipset will do some caching. Just get a Caviar Blue or Green, and buy more storage space.
  3. Are you planning on getting a GPU anytime soon, even if you are 1000W is probably overkill.
    Apart from that it's great, what speed corsair vengeance are you getting? I'd get 1600mhz or 1866Mhz as anything above costs stupid money and doesn't do much more for the extra cost
  4. thats a very expensive cooler

    would have gone for a Phanteks PH-TC14PE. for the same money but better performance

    or a noctua dh14
  5. thanks for the replies guys ,

    i know the PSU is overkill but i want to be able to expand or upgrade in the future thats why i went for that one , as for the GPU for the first few weeks i would be reuseing my old Sapphire 6870 Vapor-x but i will be upgradeing it to a Sapphire 6950 OD soon enough , i know what your saying about the velociraptor but there would be a lot of large work files that will be stored on this pc so its worth it for me without the crazy prices of a large SSD

    i was wondering what do you think of the MOBO choice ??? would the sabertooth be a good choice or should i be looking at something else ???

    PS the corsair vengance would be 1600 mhz , would there be any real advantage to the 1866mhz ???

  6. Sorry mcnumpty I missed your post , ya I was considering a phanteks as well but I went for the be quiet because reviews say its as good but quieter and looks better
    Not getting a noctua they are too loud a mate of mine has one in his rig .

    Anyone got any comments on the motherboard , good choice or is there better also for the graphics card would nvidia be better than AMD ???
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  8. Thanks mouse monkey sorry for the mistake
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