Ok, so i have a HUGE problem and i tried EVERYTHING!

Motherboard drivers?
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  1. since yesterday i have no sound at all. I tried 3 pairs of earphones/headset. tried 2 different set of speakers. in both frontal and back jacks. nothing is muted and the sound is at max. i checked in the device management. no "?" nor "!" or whatever, everything is ok. i unstalled my sound devices. re-booted my computer. still nothing. i tried system restore from 3 different points. updated my drivers/chipset. and when i test my sound i can see that it works, i just cant hear anything. i have been searching since yesterday. i even tried switching the HD sound plug to the AC 97 plug into my computer. i am totally freaking out :pt1cable: .

    my sys config: OS: windows 7 64 bit premium.

    MOBO: Asus m5a97
    RAM: 4GM
    Soundcard: integrated realtek HD audio.
    GPU: Nvidia geforce 550 Ti
    CPU: AMD FX(tm)-4100 quad core processor 3.6 GHz

    thanks for helping.

    regards, Tommy.
  2. done, every single drivers are updated. and thanks for that QUICK reply :)
  3. also, i tried to look in the BIOS but i haven't found anything relating to sound.
  4. i don't mind using team viewer
  5. try control panel--sound--then make sure the default playback device is set correctly
  6. already did that. it is.
  7. try uninstalling the realtek software and see if it works

    had to do it on my asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 as was having a similar problem after windows installed some updates

    sound now works fine without the realtek software--havent tried re-installing it yet to see what happens
  8. ok let me try that
  9. didn't change anything. can you tell me the name of the update you are telling me about?
  10. dont know which update it was as windows installed a load of them automatically
  11. aww ok, any other advices?
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